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Holevas and Holton Custom Home Builders specializes in both residential and commercial construction in the Charlotte Metro area.  Owned and operated by Jimmy Holevas, Tommy Holevas and Billy Holton, Holevas and Holton is well known in both Mecklenburg and Union Counties’ building communities for their superior building skills and outstanding quality.  Holevas and Holton excels in both new construction and renovation projects.

Throughout the late 80’s and early 90’s, Jimmy worked in commercial construction as a civil engineer.  He then pursued and earned his contractor’s license in 1997.  Later that same year, he, along with Tommy, who has a sales and marketing background, and Billy, an electronics engineer, founded Holevas and Holton Custom Homes.  This partnership has resulted in extraordinary buildings and homes that speak volumes about their commitment and fascination with building.  Today, their firm meticulously crafts about a dozen high-end homes each year.

Jimmy, Tommy and Billy demonstrate their strong work ethic as hands-on builders and are on the job site daily.  Together they strive for only the highest quality custom homes at an outstanding value.  Exceptional standards are practiced and maintained throughout the entire building process, from the beginning stages to the final touches at the end.  When it comes to Holevas and Holton’s success, a dedication to customer satisfaction is its main attribute.  The trio credits their ability to take their clients’ wants and needs into consideration as their main strength.  As builders, they strive to deliver thorough communication and client accessibility to produce a home that reflects the client’s wishes.

Holevas and Holton is extremely flexible during all phases of the construction process to create their clients’ dream homes.  “We meet with the clients and take the time to determine what they need and want,” explains Tommy.  Keeping clients informed during every step of the construction project and delivering deadlines while maintaining their highest quality and most efficient work is crucial in ensuring that every detail is perfect.  Holevas and Holton aims to guide clients through the building process with expertise on a personal level.  Billy assures: “Our goal is not only to meet our clients’ expectations, but to exceed them!”

Holevas and Holton has a dedication through honesty, integrity and quality craftsmanship to build your custom dream home in a variety of neighborhoods.  View their portfolio page for a quick glance at some of their custom homes and architectural range.  Holevas and Holton partners with the expertise of a number of recognized local design firms, such as Robert Foster Design Studio, Elite Design Group, Christopher Phelps and Associates, as well as in-house designs by Holevas and Holton.

Holevas and Holton is a member of the Better Business Bureau and Union County Home Builders Association, and maintains both unlimited residential and commercial General Contractor’s licenses in North Carolina and also licensed in South Carolina.

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